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Bachelor's Thesis


June 2022

My bachelor's thesis was done in collaboration with Atlas Copco. They requested a concept for a cordless Angle Nutrunner with a pulse function to improve ergonomics and minimize injuries due to continous usage.

Our primary focus was placed on ergonomics and usability but other focus areas, such as powertrian set-up, component placement and much more was also investigated.

Our work resulted in ErgoPulse, seen below. A powerful angle nutrunner with pulse function allowing torques up to 150 Nm. Both the lower and upper handle has been designed to fit a wide variety of hand sizes and allows for a comfortable grip in every working position, with or without gloves. The rail on top of the mid-section allows for up to two add-ons and the dual screen above the main handle ensures that necessary information is visable from every angle.

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